About Middle Tennessee

The thing about Nashville — or “Music City”— is that we embody the overall spirit of Mossy Oak here, like country music, tailgates, hunting, family, etc. That’s got to be part of the reason TripAdvisor named Nashville one of America’s Top 25 Destinations!

In 1796 Tennessee became the 16th state of the of the Union. Within the next century, Tennessee found itself transformed from a trading post, frequented by mountain men exploring the fur trades… to a thriving educational and commerce center.

Nashville’s municipal park system was established in April of 1901. Currently, there are over 13,500 acres of open space, including 121 parks and 19 greenways. There’s something for everyone in Metro Nashville Parks; safe recreational and cultural activities within a network of parks and greenways that preserves and protects the region’s natural resources

We are simply outdoorsmen selling rural property to other outdoorsmen.

The term “Music City U.S.A.” was coined in 1950, and the country music industry became a major industry in Nashville during this time, with record labels, studios, and musicians all flocking to Nashville.

Over 7,000 acres of public hunting lands are available for Tennessee’s hunters. This is a cooperative effort between the TWRA and landholding companies to provide public hunting with the landowner setting, collecting and administering permits and the TWRA enforcing the rules and regulations governing these areas.