Scott Summers

Scott Summers

Mobile Phone: (615) 815-9366

Born 1957 in Nashville, TN. I have lived in Tennessee all my life. Hunting and land have always been my passions. Having sold semi-trucks since 1983, I have now positioned myself to spend the rest of my working career representing and selling properties for Mossy Oak Properties. Farms and rural lands are as unique and different as the people that enjoy them. Successfully finding and matching properties with the unique dreams of each individual is my goal. I am excited to have joined the whole Mossy Oak Team. Although new to the world of real estate, I am well versed in the world of sales as well as the ability to secure and maintain lasting relationships with all the wonderful people with whom I come in contact on a daily basis.

Duck hunting at Reelfoot Lake and turkey hunting anywhere are my two favorite past times. I live on the South Harpeth River in Cheatham Co. with a Kingston Springs address. I get to enjoy the beauty of nature every day – it is like living in a state park !! I am single and have two wonderful children. I have two brothers and a sister and both my parents are still living – at ages 85 and 97. Family means a lot to me.

I am blessed with many, many wonderful friends and welcome those with whom I have yet to be acquainted. I invite you to come share my passion for land and life. SMS

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